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Mitch's Programs

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"Your 'Strolling Magic' was the perfect entertainment style for our group.  I could tell where you were by the laughter and applause coming from the area.  Thank you for your wonderful entertainment."
    —Lee Ann Conrad, Caterpillar Inc.


PEOPLE LOVE SEEING MAGIC, but when it’s right up close and happening directly to them, it becomes more than just entertainment. It’s a unique, exhilarating, and very personal experience they’ll remember and talk about enthusiastically for years to come. Can be presented "strolling" or in "show format".

Strolling: Mitch strolls amongst your guests, amazing them with intimate displays of his unforgettable sleight of hand magic. Perfect for parties, hospitality suites, or other events where people “mingle” with one another.

Show: For small groups, Mitch can  provide an entire, intimate Close Up Show, of the same type of  "right up close" sleight of hand magic, but in a complete show format, for all your guests to enjoy together at the same time.

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"Your stand up performance left us all in wonderment and amazement.  I heard positive comments all evening and the following days at work from our employees and their spouses.  The audience participation was a huge hit and proved to be very amusing.  Thank you again for your professionalism and talents."
    —Elaine Breitbarth, MTCO/ Metamora Telephone Co.


Mitch's memorable stage or stand up programs, filled with magical surprises, feature his award winning sleight of hand magic, hilarious audience participation, as well as music that appears to start and stop as if by... magic!

Not only will he astound with his amazing magic, and keep people laughing with his keen sense of humor, but he’ll also weave a spell of touching warmth and inspiring possibilities.

Your program can be customized for length, with personalized features and themes, or with more theatrical elements, such as a full evening theatre show, including excerpts from Mitch's award winning Las Vegas style revue show. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

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"The unique thing about Mitch is that he very expertly and intelligently incorporates his magic with the presentation topic -- and he works with you to ensure that he's meeting your needs."
    —Cindy Byrd, Illinois Central College.


Mitch's specialty is designing custom packages created specifically to fill your unique needs. For example, he can offer special combination packages which incorporate more than one of his programs together in one money saving package.  If you need multiple shows for the same event or a series of events, Mitch can accommodate you with special pricing as well.

He can also work closely with you to design a program that's themed completely around a specific topic you wish to emphasize, or to teach specific ideas within the structure of the presentation.  For information on special packages or to request a customized proposal, give Mitch a call right away.

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"Throughout my career, I have worked with many entertainers and guest presenters.  There are few that stand out in my mind as exceptional.  Thank you for being one of them.  From start to finish, you made the arrangements easy.  Feedback from our membership was excellent.  Your message of self-improvement and leadership struck a chord with our Human Resources audience. Many commented afterwards on how they can link creativity and a new perspective to their daily duties. Clearly, you are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, responsible and most of all, a skilled entertainer. You have more than met our expectations.
    —Wendy Braun, Society of Human Resource Management Southwest Chicago Suburbs Chapter.


If you’re looking for a program that educates and inspires as well as entertains, Mitch's self improvement programs are for you.  In each, he combines his entertaining, award winning magic with a presentation on creativity, human potential, or other topic.

Mitch  uses his years of experience as an entertainer, and a background in such diverse fields as creativity, motivation, graphic arts, peak performance, martial arts, and memory techniques to create speaking, self improvement, and educational programs that are informative, inspiring, and just plain fun!

Scientists have proven again and again that important information is assimilated and retained much better when it's presented in a form that's lively, fun, and emotionally engaging.  Mitch's programs are the perfect combination of these elements.  His expert magic is seamlessly integrated into the presentation topic, making the program entertaining, and helping to drive home main topic points.

Mitch can design a customized program around your topic and your specific needs, or you can choose from one of his standard topics (listed below).


Make Your Life a Magical Work of Art!
This seminar provides an understanding of the processes of art, innovation, creativity, and "magic", and the essential role they play in all aspects of both business and personal life: generating inspiration, creating mental vision, and manifesting your personal "work of art".

The Magic of Self Esteem
Virtually all authorities on human behavior agree that Self Esteem is the most important element to success in all areas of life.  It’s the “magical ingredient” that makes all else possible.  This new program is a talk on self image psychology, and the importance that self esteem plays in everything we do.

Stress Relief Magic
Mitch's program on managing stress combines useful tips on living stress free, with some fun magic used to emphasize the main points. Includes some powerful relaxation techniques and strategies for transforming stress into well-being.

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"Thank you for the great day we had!  One of the difficulties of being a leader in today's fast paced environment is finding a way to inspire people in a way that is memorable and useful.  Your day with us did just that.  My objective was to get everybody out of the office and get them thinking about their active participation in both their professional and personal lives.  You did a great job of bridging the two, and demonstrating how we create our own magical moments.  We had fun, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about each other.  Thank you for the effort that went to making this a memorable event."
    —Russell Gnant, President, Spectrum Digital Services, Inc.


In addition to being an outstanding entertainer and presenter, Mitch is also a highly skilled teacher and coach.  Whether you need personalized, one-on-one "success coaching", a group team-building event, or perhaps a really unique twist on training and development, Mitch can design a program to meet your needs.

Mitch has years of experience as a teacher, director and coach, in such diverse areas as Judo and the martial arts; sleight of hand , performance magic, and theatrical skills; gymnastics and tumbling; and an extensive variety of peak performance, creativity, and success techniques and strategies.

Here are just few of the possible benefits Mitch can bring to your training programs:

  • Learn fun magic tricks to use as icebreakers in sales, business, and social situations.
  • Use the mental training technigues of the Olympic athletes to program your mind for success.
  • Learn creative problem solving skills to help instill innovation, develop intuition, think outside the box, and turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • Utilize a variety of techniques to learn to quickly and easily establish rapport, improve relationships, and develop a strong sense of group unity and teamwork, as well as top notch customer service training.
  • Memory techniques help sale professionals memorize names and faces of their clients.
  • Learn how to create a strong sense of  missionhone in on your vision of success, and quickly move towards the realization of your goals and objectives.
  • Use powerful relaxation and balanced movement techniques to eliminate stress and develop a consistent condition of  wellness, life balance, and peace of mind -- even in the midst of stressful situations.

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