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Look What Mitch's Customer's Have to Say
About His Outstanding Entertainment and Speaking Programs

Widmer Interiors"...the best entertainment we've had."
"We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance at our company Christmas Dinner.  Wow!  Some of the best magic we have seen, and done in a very professional manner.  We have had employees comment that 'it was the best entertainment we've had', and another commented on the type of 'principled ideas and comments you worked into your performance.'  Thanks for being part of our celebration."
—Herb Stoller, CEO, Widmer Interiors.

Caterpillar, Inc."...the perfect entertainment!"
"Our annual employee appreciation party was a huge success this year!  We received several great comments from employees who enjoyed your magical performances.  Your 'Strolling Magic' was the perfect entertainment style for our group.  I could tell where you were by the laughter and applause coming from the area.  Thank you, Mitch, for your wonderful entertainment.  I hope to ask for a return performance next year."
—Lee Ann Conrad, Caterpillar Inc.

Merrill Lynch"excellent program..."
“The program was excellent.  Comments were enthusiastically positive.  Great performance!”
—Kathy Brush, Merrill Lynch

National Electrical Contractors Association"Your show was right on target!..."
“Your work with our NECA kids both before dinner and during the magic show was right on target. And, it goes without saying that we adults enjoyed your magic as well. All in all a fun evening for all of us.”
—William C. Belforte, Executive Vice President, Illinois Chapter/ National Electrical Contractors Association.

Hallmark Cards"couldn't have chosen a better entertainment..."
“We at Hallmark Cards still strive to keep our slogan, 'When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best.' After your performance, I still felt those values had been kept. We couldn't have chosen a better entertainment for our employees than what you presented to them.”
—Steve Litviak, Hallmark Cards

Illinois Central College"works with you to ensure he's meeting your needs..."
“The unique thing about Mitch is that he very expertly and intelligently incorporates his magic with the presentation topic -- and he works with you to ensure that he's meeting your needs. Mitch designed 'The Magic of Self-esteem' as a new workshop based on my request for this topic. He did a great job, and the evaluations were very positive.”
—Cindy Byrd, Illinois Central College

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Association"Superb!..."
“His magic was superb! He was personable, yet professional. His keen sense of humor added to the overall presentation.”
—Shirley Henninger, Illinois Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Association

Spectrum Digital Services, Inc."inspired in a way that's memorable and useful"
“Thank you for the great day we had learning how to 'Make Our Life a Magical Work of Art'. One of the difficulties of being a leader in today's fast paced environment is finding a way to inspire people in a way that is memorable and useful. Your day with us did just that. My objective was to get everybody out of the office and get them thinking about their active participation in both their professional and personal lives. You did a great job of bridging the two, and demonstrating how we create our own magical moments. We had fun, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about each other. Thank you again for the effort that went in to making this a memorable event.”
—Russell Gnant, President, Spectrum Digital Services, Inc.

MTCO"left us all in wonderment and amazement..."
“Thank you for entertaining us at our company holiday party. Your stand up performance left us all in wonderment and amazement. I heard positive comments all evening and the following days at work from our employees and their spouses. The audience participation was a huge hit and proved to be very amusing. Thank you again for your professionalism and talents.”
—Elaine Breitbarth, MTCO/ Metamora Telephone Co.

Drives, Inc."Our employees were entertained, impressed, and armed with good information..."
“We wanted to let you know how very much our employees enjoyed the 'magical' stress management sessions you presented. They greatly enjoyed your program, thought the information was useful, and would enjoy seeing more programs similar to this. Comments indicated that overwhelmingly they felt the relaxation exercise was enjoyable and beneficial. Too, they thought the magic was very entertaining. When this project was in the formative stages, you came to us with great ideas of your own on stress management. As we fine-tuned the presentation to customize it to our employees, you were very open to our ideas and diligent with suggestions and making modifications to get the message to really suit our audiences. Your professionalism has been greatly appreciated. It's really great when our employees can walk away entertained, impressed, and armed with good information and techniques to help deal with stress, a common problem in our fast-paced society. Well done and many thanks!”
—Ruth A. Chambers, Human Resource Manager, Drives, Inc.

Scrip, Inc."Kept the troops on the right path."
“Excellent show! You did a great job... gave a positive spin to the meeting and helped keep the troops on the right path. Much appreciated.”
—Steve Keller, Scrip, Inc.

Aramark Uniform Services, Inc."exciting and entertaining"
“Turned a routine function into an exciting and entertaining evening.”
—David Joyce, Aramark Uniform Services, Inc.

Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co."...warmed the hearts and souls of our guests"
“Recently we had the special privilege of a Mitch Williams performance. Not only were we amazed by your magical sleight of hand, but your inspirational commentary warmed the hearts and souls of our guests. Your audience participation before dinner and during your performance was intriguing and amusing. Thank you for the pleasure of working with you, we hope to experience your performance again in the future.”
—Jeanette Clark, Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co.

Woods Equipment Co."...inspiring and a lot of fun!"
“We enjoyed your performance at our annual holiday dinner dance this year. Both your strolling magic and your stand up performance were the perfect entertainment for our group. Our employees found your performance inspiring and the audience participation a lot of fun!”
—Jennifer Eckerman, Woods Equipment Co.