Mitch's Programs

Close Up Magic Programs

People love seeing magic right up close where they can actually take part in what’s happening, literally inches away, right in front of their eyes. Your guests will be blown away with the impossible feats of Mitch’s top notch, expert sleight of hand magic.

Close up magic can be presented in two types of programs, as follows:

Strolling Magic

Ideal for hospitality suites, cocktail hour, and other casual or social events, strolling magic requires no special setup. Mitch simply goes wherever there are people and interacts directly with them, amazing with his interactive magic.  A great ice-breaker and conversation starter, Mitch’s strolling magic will have your guests raving about their personalized, mind blowing experience.

Theatrical Close up Magic Show

For small groups, or as a featured activity at an event, Mitch can present a complete, intimate “Close up Magic Theatre” show (or a series of shows). This combines the intimacy of close up magic with the theatricality of a stage show. It’s a totally unique experience your guests will be talking about for months or years to come.

Stand Up Magic Programs

Similar in presentation style to stand up comedy, Mitch’s stand up magic programs include audience involvement and participation, humor, astounding magic vignettes, and lots of fun!

Terrific for after dinner entertainment, a fun break in a meeting, or as a feature event, Mitch’s standup magic programs can be customized to length and content uniquely suited to the needs of your event.

This is far from the stereotypical “rabbit-in-the-hat” style of trickery. It’s a dynamic, interactive display of truly mind-boggling segments that will engage your guests and keep them in wonder, in laughter, and wanting more!

But Mitch doesn’t stop there… Interwoven throughout his magic are inspiring ideas about the crucial role that imagination and wonder play in life. It’s “feel good” entertainment at its very best.

Deluxe Stage Programs

Mitch’s theatrical stage show combine elements of the stand up programs with pieces from his award winning Las Vegas style revue show act.

These are dynamic, fast-paced, exciting segments expertly choreographed to upbeat, engaging music.

Stylish professional costuming, astounding highly visual sleight of hand vignettes, dynamic music, and dramatic lighting effects (where available) all combine in a whirlwind of exciting visual fantasy that will thrill and delight your guests.

Can be presented as powerful addition to bigger program or as a complete stand-alone one-man theatre show.

Custom & Combination Programs

Mitch can work with you to create a customized program designed specifically to meet your unique programming and budgetary needs.

He can create combination packages, including both close up and stand up or stage programs. He can customize for length and type of program, number of guests, and special content, such as themes, topics, or brand and product inclusion.

Mitch can also often offer special package pricing for multiple or recurring events.

Speaking Programs

For information on Mitch’s inspirational speaking programs, visit